Rising sunshine

“I rise if I ever fall

Season’s of life

Fall and rise

To feel alive

Continue the life

Don’t stop anywhere

Just remain somewhere

For a while

To add the taste of

Your existence

Mixing the fragrance

Of your own being

In the breeze

So one can smell

Have the feel

Thousand miles away

To continue the journey

Walking on the path of life

Without stopping till the end

Living the real life

Without disturbing

Circle of life

Keep enjoying

No matter how harder

Trying to make it soften

With the essence of lively


Feeling the rain

The days of rain are amazing

Creating the fresh soil fragrance

Of love and unity of the nature

The true form of the nature is

Happening via raining

While enjoying the youthness

And Oldness every phase of the life

Every stage of the age

Nature what makes the life

A lively life

Keeping close us to the seasons of

Life, aah alive!!!

Enjoying the life!!!

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